Yuè Bái: Authentic Chinese Dining in Singapore

Yuè Bái Chinese Restaurant: Authentic flavors and impeccable service. Discover the best of Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Book your table now.

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Harmonising with Winter
Winter is the season when life is lurking and everything is hidden. During this season, the surface of water freezes and the ground freezes and cracks, so people should not disturb the yang energy. Winter corresponds to the kidneys, and the diet should be based on tonifying the kidneys. From the perspective of the five elements and the five internal organs corresponding to the five colours, black enters the kidneys, and you can eat more black pigment food, for example black sesame seeds, purple rice etc.
You can nourish the spleen in all seasons, you can eat a little more roots, such as lotus roots, chinese yam, radish. Diet should be moderate, not too full, generally 80% full.
Radiant Food for the Body and Soul
Yuè Bái is a classical Chinese phrase describing the colour of moonlight.
Helmed by Singaporean Chef-owner Lee Hong Wei, Yuè Bái is a restaurant that celebrates the familiarity of home through refreshing renditions of Chinese heritage dishes rooted in ancient dietary principles known as 食疗 (shí liáo). Also known as Dietary Therapy, ‘shí liáo’ uses food to enhance wellbeing through the application of its intrinsic healing value. The menu is curated from various Southern Chinese cuisines, with balanced dishes and familiar flavours that guests can identify with, interpreted through Chef Hongwei’s modern perspective. Diners sit in an ethereal space infused with expressions of Chinese culture and art, forming cherished bonds over nutritious food that comforts with the familiar flavours of memory.
月白 (Yuè Bái) 因近似月色,故称。古人认为月亮的颜色并不是纯白,而是带着一点淡淡的蓝色。
Flavours that Comfort and Nourish
The cuisine of Yuè Bái brings forth the familiarity of home through refreshing renditions of Chinese heritage dishes interpreted through the modern perspectives and grounded on ancient traditions of nourishment for the body.
Seasonal menu aligned with the Lunar calendar will showcase dishes that nourish the body according to the seasons.
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Operating Hours
Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday,
except Public Holiday
Lunch 11:45am
Last seating 1:45pm
Last order 2:15pm
Dinner 5:45pm
Last seating at 8:30pm
Last order at 9:15pm
Dress Code
Smart casual,
strictly no flip flop